Price List Template

Here is a simple yet effective Price List Template that can easily allow you to print and display your products or services price list in your shop or office.

A price list is a very common item that is used in all businesses, shops, supermarkets and other company outlets. We also know price list as a price estimation document or quotation document. A price list is a professional and official document that includes prices of different products or services available in a store, shop, business franchise or an outlet. Sometimes, when a person wants to buy stuff or just want to find out the prices for comparison purposes, he asks the company or store to provide him with the price list of required stuff or services but most of the times, the price list is shown on each counter or with different aisles in a superstore. This way, companies save a lot of time for the preparation of price lists or quotations for each customer.

For those who can’t understand what a price list is and what are its purposes, it’s very easy to elaborate the situation. Suppose you decide to buy a new television but you want to make sure that you buy the cheaper one in the market but with the same quality. In order to find a retailer that offers fewer rates but the same quality of the television, you visit number of outlets and appliances stores and find out the price of your required television model by looking at the price list of televisions. This way, when you find out the prices of different television in various stores, you can see which retailer is offering lower rates among all. Now you can understand the importance of a price list in professional life and trading or business fields.

Here is preview of this Price List Template,

There are various elements that are included in a price list but most of the times; these elements depend on each type of list, prices, products, companies and applicants. Usually a prices list includes the following elements:

  • Name of the company along with trademark/logo
  • Date and time when the price list is being prepared
  • Name of the person who asked for the price list
  • Name of products/services
  • Details of each product/units
  • Price of each unit and then gross price of all the products and their units
  • Discount and tax deductions
  • Signature area for authenticated person

There are various other elements that can be included in a price list but that only happens very rare when a special kind of list is being prepared and most commonly, these are the only items that are included in the price list.

Most of the times, a price list is only used for showing or mentioning the price but in number of companies and businesses, the same price list is used as price quotation or estimation. This way when the company decides to buy stuff after a week or two, it can force the supplier to provide the product or service on the rates he mentioned on the price list. This is a very useful step but most of the times, companies prepare two lists; one is price list that generally gives an idea about the products and their prices and second is the quotation which includes the original prices that the company can offer.

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