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A student or employee is appreciated when he/she accomplishes his/her task or merit. Appreciation can be given in the form of an award or certificate. A Merit Award Certificate is given for this purpose. A Merit Award Certificate Template is presented on our site that can be used with your own company’s logo and slogan. All the text is easy to customize and images are replaceable. You can download this template right now as it is free to download. This is ready to use template and hope it will give you a quick start to begin your work. You can also design your own one by just taking idea from this template. Hope it will assist you in right order.

Merit can be literally defined as the quality in a person, action, or thing that permits recognition, especially complimentary appreciation. Merit is usually the distinction that entitles to praise Merit helps employers find the right person with added capabilities to do the job, and it recognizes accomplishments that demonstrate authenticity in the relative area.

Merit creates a positive identity to get selected in further advancements like studies or promotions. To recognize the special quality or extra ordinary working in an individual, merit certificates are issued it is a certificate which is given in honor to the candidates who exclusively qualify for some specific position. The components of a merit certificate include:

  • Person’s name,
  • Qualifications
  • Address and other contact
  • Issuing date,
  • Purpose of the honor

Here is preview of this Free Merit Award Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Merit Award Certificate Template

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Download Merit Award Certificate Template

merit certificate is also issued by government to candidates who achieve success in different fields of life. Organizations and institutions also issue merit certificates to their employees and students who have worked extraordinarily to achieve the goal and are being commended for their performance.

Designing a merit certificate on a specific format is essential because it is given in specified area and for specific subjects under the set norms of standards. Usually a merit certificate is given on some accomplishments like it could be rewarded at the end of a training session or work shop. This certificate is helpful to seek desired employment or other fringe benefits at professional or academic level, as it displays that the individual has successfully meet with the criteria with a distinction… The companies or organizations issue merit certificates to encourage their employees who have worked hard and performed excellently to achieve the target.

Previously, hand written or printed merit certificates were issued to honor the exclusiveness but with the emergence of digital technology, on-line free templates are being developed to design stunning merit certificates. You can take help from these templates but make sure that the back ground and format of your merit template or hand designed certificate should be relevant to the area in which the certificate is being given ,the other aspect of selecting designs for a merit certificate include the person, to whom the certificate is bestowed. If the certificate is designed for school achievements, then the background and formatting should be chosen according to the age of student. For toddlers ,vibrant colors with dynamic backgrounds are better, however if the merit certificate is awarded to an employee or in health care or other grave services, then a sober and sophisticated approach is the best. The font size and style should be best –fitted in the lay out and a seal of authenticity will make the certificate more valid. Do not forget to get the certificate signature by concerned official for a bona fide exhibition.

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