Business Quotation Template

Price quotation is a written proffer offered by vendor to the consumer containing complete details about purchasing and selling conditions of products or services along with their cost and validity period. A price quote serves your business a lot with countless advantages. It is very helpful when your company is intended to buy items in bulk from market or from any specific service provider as it is described above it provides complete detail about purchasing and selling conditions along with products. A price quote enables buyer to compare prices, product quality and its technical specifications from different sources. To prepare a price quote for your company, you can follow format of Quotation Template. Some essentials that should be followed while preparing a price quote and are very important to give a professional look to your quotation are going to be discussed in detail below.

Your business quotation can be made by a service provider or vendor by dividing it into three main parts:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

You should start from top part that is also called header. Your quotation will start from header part and will include descriptions:

  • Letterhead (company name, address, telephone number, email address and web address)
  • The term “Quotation” written on top
  • Quotation Number
  • Quotation Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Client’s Name and Address

After completion of top part of your quotation, it comes to body part that is middle part of quotation. This part will include total description of product that vendor is supplying along with:

  • Product amount
  • Product quantity
  • Unit of measurement
  • Price per unit
  • Total amount of items

If you are writing price quote for service products, you can give the description of work, its scope and amount of individual item.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Business Quotation Template created using MS Word,

quotation template

Download Business Quotation Template

Lastly, it comes bottom part of quotation that can be said a quotation footer. This part will include:

  • Per item amounts
  • Tax amount and after tax total amount what would be?, should also be clearly mentioned
  • Validity of quotation
  • Include special comments for instance delivery instructions, goods return policy etc.
  • Authorized signature of your business if required
  • Proper place for customer’s signatures and stamp in case of acceptance of quotation

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