Book Report Template

Here is a professional Book Report Template that can assist anyone looking for writing a book review to their higher authorities. This book report is created based upon summarized information regarding a book and not a full scale details write-up or summary of the story. Feel free to add as many more pages as desired to fulfill your purpose.

Book reports can acquire varying shapes and forms. Designing a book report provides practice that promotes highlighting of your view point about various hidden facets of a particular book, such as the description of the writer of the book or discussing some crunchy dialogues from that book. There are few traditional elements required to depict the key characteristics of a book.

  1. Title
  • This section includes a description of the title of the selected book.
  • This shows how the title of the book is related to the main theme of the book.
  • The title also encompasses various aspects of the storyline, those aspects should also be determined by this part.
  1. Author
  • This section provides an overview of the personality of the author.
  • It also gives a descriptive idea how the personality of the writer is influencing the storyline.
  • Previous work of that author can also be mentioned.
  1. Plot Summary
  • It exclusively refers to the main story of the book.
  • Basically here you’ll discuss the story with your own opinion.
  • You’ll try to unfold various covers hidden in the story with your own perspective and solid reasoning behind that opinion.
  • Should narrate to the point examples from the book in support of your opinions.
  • It also helps you to detect the genre or the nature of the book, i.e. fantasy. horror or mystery etc.
  1. Characters
  • In this section you can explore the physical and personality traits of different characters
  • Also mention how the actions of the characters affect the plot of the book.
  • Discuss positive characteristics of all the characters discussed in the book.
  • Try to sum up your observations by predicting the way the characters are responsible for moving the story in a certain specified direction.
  1. Theme
  • Discuss the main background or theme behind the story.
  • The main idea given in the story represents the main theme.
  1. Time Period
  • Give a proper overview of the time period or era in which the story took place.
  • The dressings and physical appearances can provide ample information to write this section.
  1. Setting
  • It illustrates the location at which the story is proceeding.
  • Basically here you need to describe the physical setting where the story is going on.
  1. Strong First Sentence
  • In this section you can mention any strong dialogue that in your opinion strongly affirms the storyline.
  1. Symbolism
  • Any sort of personifications or symbols hypothetically used in the book to create some charisma in the story.
  • Explain that symbolism with exact examples from the book and do remember to relate this with the story line or the characters.
  1. Conflict Examined
  1. My opinion
  • Here you can enlist your personal opinions and views related to the story or the characters playing key roles.
  1. Conclusion
  • Here it also consists of your final concluding remarks about the book.

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