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A Certificate is an official document asserting some facts. A certificate may state that a person has received precise education or has passed an assessment or series of assessment depending on the certification. A certificate is a guarantee for a person that he is an expert of his field. An award is appreciations of a person that he gets in result of accomplish some tasks. Award Certificate Template is designed to solve your problem. If you want to give delicate Award Certificate to your employees or students, you can use this ready to use Award Certificate Template. This Award Certificate Template will provide you almost all requirements that can be edited. You can easily edit text and pictures on this template.

A sense of personnel growth and of self actualization is the key to an understanding of positive feelings about the career, education and job. Any act of recognition, be it notice or praise, motivates a person to perform much better. A distinction can be made between situations where concrete rewards are given along with the act of recognition. The improvement recognition raises enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance in the period of troubles. The word of praise acts as pollen grains that transmute via your writings or word of praise .Improvements could be expected at any age and at any level .On institutional level, students are praised for their better performance and as the psychoanalysis has shown a marked increase in productivity via motivating the employee, several organizations are considering the significance of improvement awards in their corporations to enhance the productivity. Likewise other fields of life for example sports, health care and every maker department issue improvement certificates for those ,who has shown growth in their working capacity.

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Award Certificate Template

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These improvement awards are given in any form. A materialistic award like medal or trophy could not bring that impact which a printed certificate can cause. These certificates display words for appreciation which is long-lasting .Like other certificate award; an improvement certificate award contains the name of the person to whom the award is bestowed.

A good improvement certificate bear a title, showing the purpose of the award, for example the certificate of recognition or the award for improvement .It is better to modify the title with catchy synonyms to stand out your certificate among others. Next is the presentation line with name of the recipient (individual or group) to be awarded .The name of the presenter (individual, group or company) is also mentioned. The date on which the award is granted is written either on the top or bottom of the award certificate. A small block of text is available for a short description of the area where improvement has been made. All such things are the basic elements of an improvement award certificate, but if you want your award certificate to express a unique feature, you should use exclusive vocabulary to appreciate the improvements. The material and texture of the certificate should be different from others. Choose fonts that suit the background. The improvement description should be boldly highlighted. The recipient’s name should be written in a comparatively bigger font .This will make the receiver feel valuable. If the certificate is issued by a corporation or institution then it is necessary to add the logo in the certificate. This would be beneficial for both the presenter and the receiver, to recognize the platform from where the certificate is issued. A golden seal at the end of the description gives the certificate a documented feeling. Signatures from the authorities are mandatory for a valid certificate, therefore a space is provided in the bottom to be signed by the officials. To give a pleasant outlook to your award certificate, enclose it in a nice border or margin.

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